Global Ship Management Solutions

About Petrofleet

Global Ship Management Solutions

About Petrofleet

Global Ship Management Solutions

About Petrofleet

Global Ship Management Solutions

About Petrofleet

About PetroFleet

PetroFleet Operating around the clock and around the world, gives every client the quality and efficiency they need in every sector

Experience and professionalism have given us the confidence to understand and perform to the highest standards of the ship management thus creating a long time bond with the ship owners.

Further, understanding the financial constraints of the Ship owners and giving due cognizance to the commercial obligations of all the parties involved in transportation of goods our company ensures that owners can deliver a safe and reliable transport facility to their charterers and other related clients.

we pay more attention to preventive maintenance and crew recruitment. We believe these are the two most critical investments which lead to optimal operation of vessels with least downtime thus not creating a dent in the profitability of the owners.


  • to be the model ship management company


  • Conduct operations to world class standards in an efficient manner and promote safety and environmental responsibility.
  • Pursue commercially viable opportunities within the hydrocarbon shipping sector.
  • Support the development of our people while building up national manpower and expertise, and ensure a commitment to social responsibility.


We have gathered a group of skilful Maritime experts who have served in the maritime industry for many years. Our team are deeply familiar with the industry's best practices, offering innovative and novel solutions to our customers

  • CEO/CO Founder/ Commercial Manager

    Capt. Hatem Sakr

  • COO /CO Founder

    Capt.Abdelaziz Abuegila

  • Technical Manager

    Eng. Antar

  • Operations Manager

    Capt. Khaled Khalifa

  • DPA/Marine Superintendent

    Capt. Mohamed Atef

  • ISM Coordinator

    Daziel G Magallanes

  • Head administrator(crew/procurement)

    Aivy C. Bonagua

Ship management

Performing all services to keep the vessel running, which is consists of technical & Operations management and MLC, ISM & ISPS Management. we provide full technical ship management for Tankers as our speciality. The main operations include:

  • PMS, Repairs and maintenance
  • Sire Inspections and vetting
  • Vessel certificates
  • Post-fixture services
  • Voyage monitoring
  • Security arrangements
  • Insurance arrangements & Claims handling

Commercial management

providing chartering services for ship owners to market the vessel to potential charterers. our effective networks assist us to promptly propose the best fitted vessel for a cargo when it is needed. We offer the following list of services to give full measure for chartering.

  • Contract of Affreightment
  • Voyage, Time, & Bareboat Chartering
  • Pool employment
  • Voyage planning, execution and monitoring
  • Speed and performance monitoring
  • Lay time calculations
  • Assistance in claims handling
  • Voyage results reporting and analysis
  • Freight and hire invoicing

Docking management

Dry-docking projects, both intermediate & special surveys, need to be efficiently managed to safeguard the interests of the ship owners, bareboat charterers and investors (financiers & banks).  We offer value for money services for vessel dry-docking project management to our customers. We have extensive experience in managing dry-docking projects specifically in Dubai Dry Docks where project handling is comparatively more complex. Our services lead to significant cost-saving to ship owners and banks as we complete projects within the planned budget on time, without compromising the quality and safety of the vessel.

Procurement and Purchaser

PetroFleet follows strict procedure ensuring that purchased ship spare parts, stores and consumables, including reconditioned & repaired ones, which have an impact upon the quality of service provided, conform to specified requirements, while achieving acceptable delivery time and lowest overall cost.

Accounting and finance management

provide our clients with a full range of accounting and financial services which are required in today's fast moving shipping environment in accordance with International Accounting Standards ("IAS").

These services include real-time accounting, financial forecasting, cash-flow analysis including accruals, feasibility studies, pro-forma financial statements, efficient control of owner's funds and preparative work for audits etc

Crew management

Crew management covers a broad range of activities including the recruitment, selection, placement, training and management of officers and ratings employed on our managed vessels. Travel services and payroll management are also an integral part of a crew management activity.

At PetroFleet, we place a high value on our crews as they are the people on the spot and it is up to the efficiency and care they take in carrying out their duties that allows us to run our ships safely and cost effectively. We therefore take great care in looking after them and ensuring they have a safe and friendly environment to work in.


MR Tanker


Type : Oil/Chemicl tanker
IMO : 9246463
Year of Built : 2003
DWT : 45996
GRT : 29998
LOA : 183m
Breadth (moulded) : 32.2m
Depth (moulded) : 19.1m
Draft (summer) : 12.169m


Type : Oil/Chemical tanker
IMO : 9204776
Year of Built : 2001
DWT : 32238
GRT : 21323
LOA : 177.90m
Breadth (moulded) : 28.16m
Depth (moulded) : 16.8m
Draft (summer) : 11m

GP Tanker


Type : oil tanker
IMO : 9207273
Year of Built : 1999
DWT : 12633
GRT : 7678
LOA : 125.7
Breadth (moulded) : 21.5m
Depth (moulded) : 11m
Draft (summer) : 8m

Small Tankers


Type : oil tanker
IMO : 9387176
Year of Built : 2008
DWT : 7550
GRT : 4599
LOA : 115
Breadth (moulded) : 17.6m
Depth (moulded) : 8.7m
Draft (summer) : 6.8m


ype : oil tanker
IMO : 9877212
Year of Built : 2012
DWT : 900
GRT : 492
LOA : 56m
Breadth (moulded) : 9m
Depth (moulded) : 3.54m

Offshore supply vessels

NMS 402

Type : offshore supply
IMO : 9054951
Year of Built : 1992
DWT : 541
GRT : 806
LOA : 49.37m
Breadth (moulded) : 12.71m
Depth (moulded) : 3.70m


Type : AHTS
IMO : 9205445
Year of Built : 2000
DWT : 1313.85
GRT : 1094
LOA : 56.8m
Breadth (moulded) : 13.6m
Depth (moulded) : 5.2m


Type : offshore supply vessel
IMO : 8016079 Year of Built : 1981
DWT : 741
GRT : 658
LOA : 53.65m
Breadth (moulded) : 11.58m
Depth (moulded) : 4.27m

NMS 206

Type : offshore supply vessel
IMO : 8016017
Year of Built : 1981
GRT : 658
LOA : 53.64
Breadth (moulded) : 11.58m
Depth (moulded) : 4.27m


Type : Towing vessel
IMO : 9646015
Year of Built : 2011
DWT : 308
GRT : 375
LOA : 33.28m
Breadth (moulded) : 9.8m
Depth (moulded) : 4.8m



Type : Ponton
Year of Built : 2010
DWT : 5300
GRT : 2306
LOA : 76.2m
Breadth (moulded) : 24.38m
Depth (moulded) : 4.88m

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